Do you have a comfortable level on the drums, but you feel in difficulty as soon as there are odd bars?

Have you ever played odd bars like Pink Floyd’s Money in 7/4, but have no idea how to play a 7/8?

Do you want to explore with a real group a completely new repertoire, full of challenges?

Do you want a concrete learning based on music?


This method is made for you.

It is based on the tracks of Balkan Odyssey, the album of my brass band Captain Stambolov. A journey through the rhythms of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey.

This method is in a new format. You can buy each chapter independently.

Each chapter corresponds to a song, each song has a different time signature.
Want to start quietly? A Greek rebetiko in 9/4.
Want some challenge? Test yourself with Paradiso Perduto, in 17/8.
Want to relax? We will talk about orchestrating a 4-beat cocek rhythm, or an odd bars approach of a 12/8.

In each chapter you will find:
– a course in pdf
– audio extracts (without drums) at different tempos to work on each part
– audio examples of drum parts
– the play-along of the song (without drums), with metronome, at different tempos
– asymmetrical metronome audios at different tempos
– the pdf score of the final piece to be played

All with the help of a drum video of each song, already available on Youtube.

Each piece is therefore interpreted by real musicians. No midi tracks.

FREE LESSON : Hristianova Kopanitsa 11/8

The Goal : learn to play this song, a Bulgarian Kopanitsa at full speed in 11/8, from the ODD-METERS PLAY-ALONG DRUM BOOK.

11/8 is a casual metric in Bulgarian Music but be careful, this song is a real challenge if you never played asymmetric music before. There are intermediate lessons to work before if you never plaed odd-meters before.

Go to the store and download the full lesson for free !