Odd Meters Play-Along Drum Book FULL METHOD

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The Odd Meter Play-Along Drum Book contains 10 lessons, it is suitable for intermediate level drummers who already know how to read charts, and who have never played odd rhythms from the Balkans.

Each lesson contains:

  • Lesson Pdf, with explanations and charts
  • The full song Chart in pdf
  • Audio Samples of the song at different speeds to work with
  • Audio Click Tracks at different speeds (for the odd meters)
  • Audio Drum Examples
  • For the odd meters songs, Snare exercices to warm up

The different lessons are :
1. Orchestrating a Cocek in 4/4 – Jerem Cocek
2. A Greek Rebetiko in 9/4 – Krasopino
3. Playing the Gypsy 9/8 – Hum Stack
4. A 7/8 ballad – Papoutsiko
5. Balkan Fusion in 11/8 – Hristianova Kopanitza
6. A Challenge in 7/8 – Yes Papaz
7. Playing with the 9/8 – Khut Lancien
8. Balkan or Latin? 12/8 – Pyretos
9. Exploring the 10/8 – Ben Ben Big Ten
10. The Final Boss – Paradiso Perduto




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