Growing up in Latin America (Peru, Mexico), Hadrien Santos Da Silva started playing rock and metal, before training in jazz at the conservatory of Angoulême and then Lyon, where he studied for 5 years.

After he turned twenty, he returned quickly to world music, with initiatory trips to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Reunion, Dakar … He transposed all his influences into a unique drumming game that lead him to collaborate with artists from all horizons (Kumbia Boruka, Ti’kaniki, René Lacaille, Suissa, Animali, Fat Bastard Gang Band, Hot Club Afrobeat Orchestra …) and to perform in major European venues and festivals (Paleo, Lowlands, Boomtown Fair Festival, Wild Cabaret ..).
An explorer of traditional music, lover of maloya, cumbia and music that nourishes the soul, Hadrien turns more and more towards singing, composing and multiplying musical experiences.

Playing bob (berimbau)