The Story

Kass Kass DELTA

The story

After a first season from 2015 to 2020, here are the famous Kass Kass of the Casamance river Delta, renamed for the occasion!

At the time, I was a young musician and had traveled to Senegal in search of the origin of the Kesseng Kesseng. This journey had taken us to a tiny Island in the delta of the Casamance river in southern Gambia in the Company of Charlemagne (center of the picture).


Then the time passed, our stock ran out but the supply continued to grow!

It was a few years later, in 2022, that I decided to contact Charlemagne again to offer him a partnership.
The Kass Kass are now packaged directly on site in Casamance, then sent to Lyon where I test them, size them and send them.

Charlemagne lives in Ziguinchor, capital of Casamance. To get to the island where the kass-kass grow he takes the canoe, the trip takes him a day through the mangroves.
There he buys the kass kass from Itou’s family (cf. Photo). The family harvests the rice and supplements it with fishing and Kesseng Kesseng.

asalato kasssass

And great novelty this year!!! and Charlemagne’s idea will be the addition of a wax pouch to carry the KKs, itself also made locally by Diawouri.



Solid, loud, well this is not just for decoration

 1 SET = 2 hands = 4 balls / 2 ropes = 40€ + 10€ shipping

VERY IMPORTANT : The Kass Kass seeds are POISON if ingested, do not let your children’s reach.
Specify if you wan’t non traditionnal seeds (and not poisonous).

Please send me your complete postal adresse as well as the width of your hand