A play-along drum method based on songs from Balkan Odyssey, the album of my band, the brass band Captain Stambolov. A journey through the rhythms of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey.

This method is in a new format. You can buy each chapter independently.

Each chapter corresponds to a song, each song has a different time signature.

Want to start quietly? A Greek rebetiko in 9/4.

Fancy a challenge? Test yourself with Paradiso Perduto, in 17/8.

Want to relax? We will talk about orchestrating a 4-beat cocek rhythm, or an odd bar approach of a 12/8.

In each chapter you will find:
-a course in pdf

– audio extracts (without drums) at different tempos to work on each part

– audio examples of drum parts

– the play-along of the song (without drums), with metronome, at different tempos

– asymmetrical metronome audios at different tempos

– the pdf score of the final piece to play

All with the help of my drum cam of the song, already available on Youtube.

Each piece is therefore interpreted by real musicians. No midi tracks.