Maloya (Reunion Island)

Ti’kaniki is a collective based in Lyon, France, and gathers natives from Reunion Island and metropolitans of diverse origins. In this band, there is no regular lead singer : everyone sings and plays the various percussion. All the members share the same passion for the Maloya, a traditional music from Reunion Island, which finds its roots within the island’s complex and painful history. As the result of slavery, during a long time it was confined to clandestine celebrations, where slaves could express their desire for independence. The collective is at once composed with musicians from Reunion Island who have played with the finest Maloya players (Danyel Waro, Groove Lele, René Lacaille) and hyperactive musicians coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds and influences (Bongo Hop, Kumbia Boruka, Cirque Plume, Pixvae…).