Acid Balkan Brass Band

Worthy inheritors of zurna/davul ensembles, Stambolovo groups used to play for Bulgarian weddings. Banned and discredited, they then evolved at the hands of Gypsy musicians, and became today these ensembles that combine traditional music with jazz.

Captain Stambolov revisits the classic pieces of the Coceks, Horos, and Kopanitsas, while still offering its own repertoire within these diverse influences.

stambo pres



Traditional Maloya

No drums in this project! Following my encounter with Reunion Master Eno Zangoun, I learned traditional Maloya and decided at the end of 2014 to put together a music collective for traditional Reunion Maloya. Singing, percussions, and nothing else. There are no limits for this passionate collective!

Maloya Collective Ti’kanki



Creole Jazz

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, this fresh quartet revisits a repertory from Martinique Island, Guadeloupe Island, and Africa (Nigeria, Morocco).  Freedom and dance !